YOU and other people will know that by having a MI ALMA candle holder at your home or office you have obtained not only a safer product of a high quality and an outstanding design, but you have also helped somebody as one of MI ALMA core values is support to charity
Main characteristics of our products:



The MI ALMA team knows the two typical accidents with candles:

  • Accidently your Christmas advent wreath burns into flames because nobody noticed the flame approaching the dry needles and, as a result - poor table is damaged and so is the advent wreath!
  • Your beautiful dinner candles do not stand stable in the candelabra and fall!

MI ALMA candle holders are safer, because of following characteristics:


For tealights

Have you thought about finding candle holders designed especially for tea light or tea candle candelabras that would meet YOUR demands: safer, stable, high quality and with a beautiful design that would please not only YOU, but also YOUR family and YOUR guests? Now YOU have. It’s MI ALMA.


Quality and fair pay

All products are manufactured within the European Union using the highest quality materials and ensuring fair pay to everyone involved in the production process of MI ALMA products.
Not only the candle holders, but also the decors – Swarovski crystals and glass flame protectors are made within the EU.
Nowadays most of the production of tea candle holders takes place in China where employees are not adequately paid and are exposed to different serious diseases as they perform treatment of metals with dangerous chemicals that are either prohibited or their usage is strictly regulated by the European Union legislation. Obviously, such production costs less, however, MI ALMA does not support the production under potentially inhuman circumstances.
MI ALMA kindly asks you to think about the origin and the quality of the product before you give your preference towards a cheaper product.


Various designs

Imagine how YOU would like to see the specific design of YOUR candle holder - what color, how many branches it would have, would it be modern, ascetic or romantic with different decors? Or perhaps YOU would like to have a candelabra designed especially for large tea lights, because you love enjoying the candle light longer? YOU will definitely find the most appropriate type of YOUR tea light holder at MI ALMA, because YOU can choose among various:

  • Collections - Modern, Romantic, for Christmas Advent, or for Hanukkah
  • Amount of tea lights – from 1 to 9
  • Size of tea lights – small (diameter up to 4cm / 1,57in) or large (diameter up to 6cm / 2.36in)
  • Form and size for the foundation or arms of the candle holder
  • Color – Silver, Golden or White
  • Flame protectors – if you want to have a candle light outdoors
  • Decors – specific plates under candelabra heads or Swarovski crystals







All MI ALMA products are modifiable. If you purchase one candle holder, candelabra, candle stick, Christmas advent wreath base or Hanukkah menorah, later on you may decide to enrich your MI ALMA with different decors and details. YOU can purchase separately decorative plates of various shapes or with different Swarovski crystals, heads of various sizes or shapes or heads with glass flame protectors. For some collections you can also buy foundations, legs and arms of different shape and size, and add to your MI ALMA. You have now a new looking MI ALMA!!
Changeable details of different sizes and shapes:

The new details can be added and assembled using the screws of MI ALMA you already have.



The MI ALMA logo on each candle holder will always remind YOU and YOUR guests that by choosing this product you have helped someone – Read more


Special atmosphere

With MI ALMA YOU will create a special feeling either at YOUR cozy home, dynamic office or at YOUR unforgettable events. If you have chosen the collection you like, YOU will find tea light holders of various sizes, amount of candles, and decors, but of the same style so that decorations for your special occasion are harmonized. Collections



MI ALMA candle holders are produced from Aluminum. After iron, aluminum is now the second most widely used metal in the world and is considered to be one of the most modern materials. MI ALMA has chosen to use aluminum due to its characteristics.
Characteristics of ALUMINUM (relevant to MI ALMA):
Lightweight and strong - Aluminum weighs less than most other metals. It weighs about one third of steel, iron, copper, or brass, but it does not affect its strength. This characteristic eases the shipment process
Corrosion resistant—Aluminum does not rust because of its own naturally occurring oxide film. Aluminum reacts with the oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin layer of oxide. Though the layer is very thin, it provides an excellent corrosion protection. The layer self-repairs if damaged
No toxicity - Aluminum is the most common element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon. Aluminum even naturally occurs in our food.
Easy to recycle – Aluminum is considered to be an „eco - metal”. With an appropriate sorting, scrap aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its superior characteristics. Recycling requires only 5% of the original energy input which has been used for the preparation of aluminum.



High quality materials
Production in EU
Involved Hand work
Fair business
Reasonable profit margins to develop the company and to share the profit to charity