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    Collection LOVE provides a unique set of tealight holders for Christmas Advent time. In the creation of this collection a special attention was paid not only to the beauty of the design, but also to the safety - collection LOVE Advent wreath base has a heavy foundation and each tealight is embraced by a metal cup. Besides, LOVE Advent wreath is very functional – it will delight You for several years as it is reliable and can be modified each Winter and every Christmas

    The collection of advent wreaths is extensive. When choosing LOVE Advent wreath base please specify your preferences by using the online shop filter where you can define such parameters as: 1) the diameter; 2) the color; 3) the amount of holes in the base and 4) the tealight size. You can decorate the model with any decors you prefer or use it as ordered - in either case you will get an outstanding result! Enjoy your Winter evenings and Advent time together with collection LOVE candle holders!

  • Light View in Store

    Collection Light combines Hanukkah (Chanukah) menorahs of various designs. The product is created especially for your Hanukkah time to make it full of beauty and harmony! Enjoy your Winter evenings and Hanukkah time with Light candle holders!

    It is worth mentioning that collection LIGHT tealight holder will delight you all year long, not only during the short Hanukkah time. This is because in the set there are included nine arms of the similar lengths, and the tenth arm - taller for Hanukkah time. Just replace the taller arm with the one of the standard length and you will have a wonderful tea light candelabra that will beautify the environment you live!

  • AlmaView in Store

    Collection ALMA combines the most romantic and beautiful candle holders of MI ALMA. Created with the highest level of care and accuracy ALMA candle holders will help you to fully taste and experience the most special events of your life!
    More products from this collection - coming soon!

  • Wind View in Store

    If you are looking for a modern style tealight holders which would fit your urban lifestyle the collection Wind is the right place to look at! The various designs of Wind tea candle holders will ensure you get the most appropriate candle holder for the environment you live in!