About Us

This is MI ALMA

MI ALMA is a company driven by values and heartiness. Our core values are:

  • Harmony at your home. Every product we create is our aspiration to harmonize the environment you live in
  • Support to people who need help. We are taking concrete and measurable steps to ensure that certain financial help is distributed to charitable organizations

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MI ALMA's mission is TO DEVELOP THE COMPANY IN ORDER TO HELP OTHERS. By choosing MI ALMA YOU devote YOUR support to charity


Working principles

  • Work with heart and be happy and proud of what we do
  • Create products of a high quality and unique design
  • Do fair business in all aspects
  • Share 50% of the company’s annual profit to charitable goals, to reinvest the remaining 50% of the profit into the company



MI ALMA means “my soul” in Spanish.

Our soul, patience and love lives in each candle holder we create. With burning candle light MI ALMA brings warmth, love and harmony at your home and your heart.

MI ALMA – OUR SOUL to YOU with love


Join us!