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  • Beautiful advent wreath
  • safety for kids with candles
  • Advent wreath for tea lights
  • advent wreath tea lights
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  2. for Tea Lights

  3. Advent wreath bases

  4. for Your winter evenings

  5. Hanukkah Menorahs

  6. for Your Hanukkah time

  7. Tealight holders

  8. of various designs


Mi Alma candle holders are made from aluminum. They are stable and located on a heavy foundation. Each candle is embraced by a metal cup and with flame protectors if desired

Special atmosphere

Either at YOUR cozy home, dynamic office or at unforgettable events

For tealights

Finally YOU have found beautiful candle holders and candelabras designed especially for tea candles

Quality & Fair pay

All products are manufactured within the European Union using the highest quality materials and ensuring fair pay to everyone involved in the MI ALMA production process

Various designs

Let MI ALMA help you to find YOUR tea candle of a specific color, size, amount of candles and the style you like


The MI ALMA logo on each candle holder will always remind YOU and YOUR guests that by choosing this product you have helped someone

Maybe you have dreamed about

Tea light holders

of the same style

but of different size and amount of candles to make your special occasion such as wedding, baptizing or christening beautiful?
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Let us help you to create

Your tea candle holder

of color, size, amount of candle and style you like!



Mi Alma's biggest Wish and Commitment

Together with You...

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